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Video: Region is getting more diverse

Video: Region is getting more diverse

According to the latest American Community Survey (2011-2013), all counties in the seven-county metro region added residents of color since 2000. Most cities included in the data (39) show at least a 9 percentage point increase in the share of people of color between 2000 and 2013.

Books and ApplesMinnesota Ready

Minnesota Ready

Minnesota Ready is a 32-hour course intensive course that will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to be competitive in today’s job market and advance toward a career you’ll love. See what you’ll learn in each course here. For registration call 651-642-0698

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Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

Here is a site where you will find MANY in person hiring events across the metro area including the Employer of the Day events in the metro area Workforce Centers.

You can see there were 15 events posted just for today! We know that one of the most effective ways for you to get hired is to make a positive  first impression in person.  Attend an event or two every day!!!

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  • American Indian/Alaska native 7%
  • Asian 4%
  • Black or African American 44%
  • Undefined 7%
  • Hispanic or Latino 12%
  • White 35%

Construction Hiring Connection

Register your skills, experience and resume on your own construction account that you can update 24/7. This account is viewable for contractors who are working on government related construction projects (for example, LRTWorks light rail projects and other large developments like stadiums, water treatment facilities and public land development sites).

  • Males 79%
  • Females 22%