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What is Job Connect?

With over ten years of development, Job Connect is the largest workforce and training network in the Twin Cities metro area.  Job Connect links job seekers, employers, and workforce professionals together through our website, networking events and community outreach.

Job Connect serves:

Job Seekers – over 10,000 subscribed individuals seeking employment.  Job seekers range from entry-level to highly skilled and experienced professionals across a broad spectrum of industries.

Employers – over 500 employers participate in the network by posting open jobs, meeting with workforce professionals and attending hiring events. Participation in the Job Connect network provides a tool for employers to source diverse candidates and to be an active contributor in the workforce community.

Workforce Professionals –  over 700 individuals are subscribed including career counselors from government and non-profit agencies, colleges and veterans programs.

Community Agencies – over 200 agencies, all working with job seekers, are subscribed from across the Twin Cities metro area.

What is the power of Job Connect communication?

  • No cost to you!
  • Website is updated daily
  • Information direct to your inbox
  • Face to face networking opportunities
  • Free training listings not found anywhere else

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